Best Places to Visit in November in China(四)

4. Jiuzhaigou——The different colors of the four seasons in Jiuzhaigou are fantastic. Jiuzhaigou’s spring is grassy and full of vitality, and summer is verdant and exuberant. In autumn, Jiuzhaigou is splendid. The colorful plants reflect on the sparkling and translucent lakes under the bright blue sky.

Trekking along the little path into the dense forest in Jiuzhaigou, you may meet with some rare animals and plants. At the end of November, you may witness the beginning of winter in Jiuzhaigou. Don’t forget to take pictures of the memorable moments.

Location: Jiuzhaigou National Park is in the west of Sichuan Province, 415 kilometers west of Chengdu (257 miles).

November 13, 2016

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