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    Trade shows are exciting, long, busy, and noisy. Setting up, getting printed materials ready, and making a professional impression is vital. There will be many booths that all look the same. They will have narrow display towers with brochures in the slots and interactive components at the top.

    Promotional products will be lined up for the taking, and the business cards will be neatly laid out in rows. A bright tablecloth with the business logo in full color will hang to the floor. Posters of products or information about services will be placed behind the table on the fabric wall. If this describes the business presentation, throw it all out and start again.

    Re-imagining the Concept

    An innovative presentation that will capture attention is one of many Tricks Of The Trade Show. How does
    business printing evolve when the basics are pretty much non-negotiable?
    print shop houston assigns booth space, the dimensions are all the same, and there is no way to know how many other booths will be crammed onto the main floor.

    One way is to engage the designers of a newly expanded printing company. They have been preparing to amaze the first large companies to come through the door. The configuration may contain individual presentation stations instead of one large table. Small and higher tables can be placed within the booth space to highlight a few components of what the business has to offer.

    Custom Printing

    Have the tablecloths custom printed to be different colors with the same brand emblem. The look of the logo will be the same, it just will not get lost among all the other booth displays. Have different brochures printed to introduce the product or service at each station. Bundles are available to meet the demands of trade show volume.

    Take a New Approach

    Plan ahead and collaborate with department supervisors to brainstorm ideas. To get input from all staff, hang a white board in the break room. Leave it blank except for the title of Networking Events: How To Make A GreatPrinting First Impression. Check it at the end of the day, copy suggestions, and clear the board to make room for new ideas.

    It will be interesting to see what gets written on the board.

    color printer may also be enlightening. Accept all ideas and mention them at brainstorming sessions. Be sure to get back to the staff with the final results of how displays will appear on the trade show floor.