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    Of whom 97.three had superior expertise with an all round Understanding score of 60 and above out of one hundred. Levels of HIV/AIDS-related know-how have been similar between sexes. The outcomes indicated that students of various faculties did not have the exact same information about HIV/AIDS. Students of Faculty of Overall health Sciences had the highest (Mean= 10.99) exactly where as faculty of Agriculture (Mean= 9.73) had the least. Concerning the participants danger perception of HIV/AIDS, 48.9 perceive that they have been at threat of HIV infection. In Oxel independently. It assumes that every time a certain story function multivariable logistic regression analysis right after adjusted for potential confounders within the final model, alcoholic non intake, higher AIDS threat perception, becoming rural place of prior residence, getting great degree of Expertise on HIV/AIDS, Self reported academic functionality of at least typical, enhanced frequency of church/ mosque attendances and obtaining great communication with parents about sexual problems were the potent predictors of sexual abstinence. Students who came to the University from rural places(AOR=2.1), usually do not take alcohol[AOR=6.2], these with far better knowledge on HIV AIDS[A=6.6], high AIDS danger perception[AOR=2.6], self reported academic performance of a minimum of average and above[AOR=2.9], attending church a lot more than 2 occasions amonth(AOR=6.4] and superior communication with parents about sexual difficulties(AOR=1.6) had been instances much more probably to abstain from sexual intercourse than their counter parts respectively (Table four).Discussion The predictors of sexual abstinence have been noticed comprehensively both quantitatively and qualitatively and our findings showed that socio demographic and economic, behavioral and psychosocial characteristics had been found to possess an association. Greater proportions of male university students had been sexually active than female students this reality was constant using a number of other studies completed in diverse components from the country [11,15,16]. As an example, a survey accomplished in Gondar College of healthcare science [11], [55.2 VS eight.3 ], a study conductedTable four Unadjusted and adjusted odds ratio and (95 self-confidence intervals) of logistic regression showing effects of selected Characteristics (predictor variables) on the likely hood of sexual abstinence among Wolaita Sodo University studentsPredictor variables of sexual abstinence Ever had sexual intercourse No ( ) Sex Male Female Drink Alcohol (N=749) No Yes AIDS danger perception (N=749) No Yes Spot of resident (N=749) Rural Urban Level of knowledge on HIV (N=749). Degree of understanding among participants was among the potent predictors of sexual abstinence. This contradicts using a study among urban university students in Philippines indicated that gender was on the list of predictor variables of sexual abstinence [17]. The doable explanation for the difference might be because of the difference in the study region that within this study locating abstinence among students vary by place of 1st sexual practice; females abstain from sexual intercourse just before joining university. Students who came for the University from rural areas, these with improved information on HIV AIDS, self reported academic performance of a minimum of typical and above and far better communication with parents about sexual concerns were [2.1, six.six, two.9, 1.6] occasions extra probably to abstain from sexual intercourse than their counter components respectively.