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    It was our 3rd night on the Trans-Siberian Convey in mid-July, and we had developed accustomed to the warmth. The prehistoric autos contained neither air conditioning nor showers. My husband Dennis, who does not communicate any Russian, was still left to enjoy with his new fancy online video digicam, but I was a lot more lucky ‒ I could listen to discussions. As I stood in the slender hallway of the practice, waiting my change to use the toilet, the two middle-aged Russian fellas in entrance of me in the queue ended up getting a heated discussion about the infamous treasure practice that rattled alongside these quite tracks a century in the past, possibly location the system of the Russian Revolution.

    “The gold’s buried in the woods correct out there,” said one of them, jabbing his finger at the vast Siberian plains traveling by outside the window. “The guards stole a bunch of it en route.”

    bigg boss 11 “No, the gold fell into [Lake] Baikal! That is why no-one can uncover any trace of it.”