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    Termites and destructive fungi cost many millions of dollars’ worth of damage to structures around the country each year. In quite

    pest control near me , these issues are not even recognized until a significant amount of harm has already been done.

    Pest Control experts have ways of identifying such problems right when they are taking root. Being proactive about seeking out issues will make an expensive remediation a lot less likely to be needed.

    Recognizing the Signs of Problems Always Pays Off

    One way by which both termites and harmful fungi are able to do so much damage is by keeping a low profile. In many cases, homeowners are shocked to hear that an issue has been festering and causing damage for a long time. Some of the signs of each type of problem that it can pay to be aware of include:

    Termites. Despite being fairly small insects, termites can pool their efforts to do huge amounts of damage. They also build distinctive, tube-shaped structures that they use to transport moisture, and seeing this is typically a sign that some termite control is in order. Another commonly apparent sign of termite presence is the appearance of large swarms as the insects move from one place to another. While some flying ants get together in the same types of gatherings, the straight antenna and evenly sized wings of termites make them easy to distinguish, upon close inspection.

    Fungus. Anyone who has spent time in the woods will have seen what fungi can accomplish in terms of devouring wood. Some fungi form essentially symbiotic relationships with healthy, living trees, drawing nourishment from living wood but otherwise doing little harm. Other types, however, attack fallen limbs and stumps much more aggressively, even to the point of rendering the material into something indistinguishable from soil. Inspecting the wetter, more sheltered reaches of a home’s exterior on a regular basis will make spotting such infestations a lot more likely.

    A Solution is Always Available

    Fortunately, both types of issues can always be addressed effectively, even if some repair work will sometimes need to be done to put everything back in order. Modern fungus treatments can both eliminate the problem and make it much less likely to come back, providing peace of mind to homeowners who might otherwise start feeling vulnerable.

    Working with a qualified pest control company will ensure the same quality of results if termites should have become apparent, instead. In
    exterminator near me , knowing what to look for and being vigilant will help minimize the extent of any problem that could arise.