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    Termites, among other pests, are one of the most common destructive pests worldwide. If a homeowner wants to eliminate termites from their home and wants to try tackling the issue on their own, he or she must follow some steps that are listed below. However, experts think that home and business owners should consider hiring Pest Control companies instead.

    Using cardboard traps

    People should combine pieces of stacked cardboard and leave them in areas where the termites are. The cardboard, which contains cellulose, is a natural attraction for these insects. And, although this does not represent a definitive solution, it can help owners get rid of a few hundred termites at a time.

    Repeat this step several times for greater effectiveness. It is best to consult a
    pest control expert before beginning any type of treatment, including one this simple.

    Solar light

    If a piece of furniture is infested with termites, one that can be moved easily, termite control professionals recommend placing it in direct sunlight. Remember that termites live in darkness, so when they are exposed to heat and natural light, they will die. Experts also advise consumers to combine this method and the previous one for greater effectiveness.

    Boric acid

    This product has a deadly effect on termites because it dehydrates the pest and, thus, disconnects their nervous system. The best way is to use it with baits by evenly covering the entire affected area with boric acid. Just take the bait with boric acid to the garden, backyard, or any open area and let it do its job. Constantly check the trap and, if necessary, spray more boric acid on the wood or infested object.

    Contact a professional

    When people notice that they have a termite problem, it is because they have let the problem get out of hand. The methods above will help homeowners get rid of thousands of termites, but what can be done if there are millions? At any point, it is advisable to hire the services of an exterminator.


    termite inspection , listen to the options and recommendations that each one gives, and then make a decision as to who should be hired.

    Pest repellents

    Permethrin is a pesticide that is considered safe for human use, so when painting your house, apply this product to keep it free of termites. Sealing the cracks can also help, especially when fungus treatments are used. Contact an expert when opting for fumigation. This can help eliminate termites and several other pests.