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    If London would have been a country it will be the 8th biggest in Europe. London consists or two old cities which are now joined together. London which is called ‘the city’ today it houses all of the business and finance offices for the UK. This section of London was the original Roman settlement and also the oldest portion of London. Westminster will be the better half which houses each of the government buildings and is the state residence in the Queen as well as the Royal family. Both of these cities now are classed together and called Newcastle. The Tower in london was constructed by William the Conqueror right after his victory at the battle of Hastings in 1066.

    An appealing facts are there are 15 secret rivers flowing under the city. We all know regarding the Thames but there are lots of tributaries which can be small rivers leading off from the Thames and many of them underground only raising in places. Could you name them aside from the Thames? What they are called are Peck, Ravensbourne, Falcon, Neckinger, Black Ditch, Beverly Brook, Wandle, Effra, Walbrook, Fleet, Tyburn, Westbourne, Counter’s Creek, Stamford Brook and Parr’s Ditch.

    London is the biggest city in Europe and occupies over 620 square miles. Roughly 12% of Britain’s overall population are now living in London and the estimated population in the year 2006 was only over 7.5 million. Town has got the highest population density in the uk, with 4,699 people per square kilometre.

    The town is well known because of its performing arts. But do you know you’ll find approximately 120 theatres throughout London which pulls a large number of visitors every year, even more than Broadway. The Theatre industry is bigger the UK film industry.

    The tallest building in London is a Canada Square. That is additionally referred to as Canary Wharf Tower because of its location and is a proven London mark. Your building is 770 feet high and it is mainly employed for offices, but there are some shops on a lawn floor.

    In early 19th century the underground railway referred to as the ‘tube’ began construction. One interesting fact regarding the tube could it be was the initial underground railway built-in the entire world. The oldest tube lines are the Metropolitan line which opened on the 10th January 1863. Harry Beck the designer from the tube map was only paid five guineas for his work. Bargain!

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