Basic Info


Yoyo Tong


Hong Kong


Yoyo came from Harbin, Hei Long Jiang Province, north of China, native Mandarin speaker, her pronunciation is 100% standard.
Yoyo graduated from Harbin Normal College, her major is Music in Early Childhood Education. Also Yoyo has the diploma of Children Education(CE) from the Hong Kong Open University now. She also has some certifications as First-Aid, Children Sign language and so on.
Yoyo has 4 years full time Mandarin teaching experience in Mainland China(1996-2000), and also she has 8 years full time/half day Mandarin teacher working experience in Hong Kong(2007 till now );
Yoyo is very good at sing, she won some competitions as well that make her bring more fun and meaningful learning time to the lessons.



Bachelors Degree

Field of Study

Music in Early Childhood Education