Best Places to Visit in November in China(二)

The Yellow Mountains are colorful in autumn. The mountains are magnificent covered by red maples and interspersed with yellow fruits under the white clouds and blue sky. November is an ideal season to climb the Yellow Mountains due to the weather being neither hot nor cold.

If you are keen on outdoor activities, you can bring a tent to spend the night at the back of the mountain. Wake up in the early morning (about half past four) to appreciate the fabulous sunrise. Apart from the natural scenery of the Yellow Mountains, the human culture and ancient architectures in the folk villages near the Yellow Mountains can also make you feel deeply impressed, such as the famous Hongcun Village and Tunxi Ancient Street.

Location: the Yellow Mountain area is located in Eastern China’s Anhui Province,about 300 km (200 miles) west of Hangzhou, and 500 km (300 miles southwest of Shanghai).

November 13, 2016

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