Features of Chinese Regional Cuisines(一)

Northern Cuisine — salty and simple with less vegetables

Regions: Beijing, Xi’an, Inner Mongolia, and Northeast China

Beijing Cuisine
Beijing cuisine is influenced by a variety of China’s cooking styles, due to being the capital, but mostly nearby Shandong and Inner Mongolia. It is famous for its imperial court cuisine, which originated from the imperial kitchens, where food was cooked for royalty and officials.

Inner Mongolia Cuisine
Inner Mongolian cuisine comes from the traditions of ethnic Mongols, and features dairy products, and all kinds of red meat (captive herds and game): mutton, beef, venison, etc. Typical dishes include roasted whole sheep, roast leg of lamb, and ‘hand-grabbed’mutton.

Shandong Cuisine
Shandong Cuisine features seafood ingredients and a variety of cooking techniques. It is known for its fresh, salty, crisp, and tender flavors. Shandong cuisine chefs are very particular about making both clear broth and creamy soup.

November 23, 2016

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